Stillness - Brash Ice, Pack Ice, Growlers, Bergy Bits and Icebergs


Stillness - 'Brash Ice, Pack Ice, Growlers, Bergy Bits and Icebergs', depicts tranquil, gliding images of icescapes from Antarctica. The meditative images invite reflection on the unparalleled beauty of this glacial ecology, which appears both vulnerable and resilient.

This edition of Stillness is available on a durable metal 16 GB USB paperclip stick.
The content of Stillness is les then 3 GB, so there will be extra available storage room for over 13 GB.

Film: Esther Kokmeijer / with
Music: Rutger Zuydervelt (aka Machinefabriek)
Released on 21 December 2018

Video 36” / Antarctica 2014 — 2017
#1 - Lemaire Channel, Antarctica 2014
#2 - Antarctic Sound, Antarctica 2015
#3 - Laubeuf Fjord, Antarctica 2017
#4 - Hanusse Bay, Antarctica 2016
#5 - Antarctic Sound, Antarctica 2015

With special thanks to all the crew and staff of the MS Fram (Hurtigruten), Vasiliy Colovnin (Direccion Nacional Del Antartico (DNA) and m/v Plancius (Oceanwide).


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